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Entrepreneur, business leader, world traveler and author Halim Quddus has over the last 30 years founded, and/or partnered in many successful business enterprises. Halim currently devotes his time and energy into helping others develop new revenue streams and realize higher potentials.

His motivational book “Economic Resurrection: How to Prosper in Good and Tough Times” is being well received by a local and national audience of enthused readers.

Halim Quddus

Quddus successfully leads local, regional, national and international investment and trade opportunities. He, in 2011, formalized The Muslim American Chamber of Commerce.

With a mission of providing useful and practical information, training and substantive support in advocating, developing, and promoting Muslim owned businesses, M.A.C.C. has developed a devoted member base.

Halim is a strong advocate and planner for the increase of minority and small business entrepreneurship, by helping business entities speak with a common voice to make noticeable progress on matters important to immediate well-being and sustainable future.

Born and breed in Newark, N.J., Halim was educated in the Newark Public School System and received his higher education at Lincoln Technical Institute and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

He has traveled expensively across the US and to foreign countries including the Caribbean Islands, Dubai, Turkey and Haiti on behalf of commercial and cultural exchange.

A former member of the Nation of Islam, Quddus was inspired by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s economic teachings of “Do for Self” which created the framework for conscious business owners and entrepreneurs.

Halim developed his financial savvy and business skills under the leadership of Imam W.D. Muhammad. Imam Muhammad taught collective thinking, purchasing and supporting entrepreneurship by capitalizing on industries that produce goods and services that we utilize in our day-to-day lives.

Halim is a servant of the community who strives to continue the mission of his two great leader’s key and clear approach to community security and self-sufficiency.

Each day he works to advise and inspire other Muslims to take control of their G-D given destiny and proactively plan personal and community –wide growth opportunity, both mentally and financially, in effort to soar to the highest potentials.


Economic Resurrection
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